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On our farm you can help in the daily jobs that need to be done and become part of this family run business. This could be something that might catch your interest or would benefit you.


Social Farming & Care farming are the practices of offering family farms and farming as a form of social service. The farm is not a specialized treatment farm; rather the farm remains a typical working farm where people in need of support can benefit from participation in the farms’ activities in a non-clinical environment. It can also reconnect farmers with their local communities through the opening up of their farms as part of the social support system of the community.”



To have a society where all can live an inclusive life in their local community, where people are valued, respected & supported.” 


“To work in partnership with people and families (who avail of supports), specialist services, industry, community and voluntary bodies, in enabling valid progression directed by their interests, talents and choices of the individual.”

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logo dolans farm