Rose Cottage 2021

Its good to be moving on in the current COVID world. Our respite hopefully will be open to supporting families in early 2021. I suppose the big thing about going to a farm like ours is the space and with small groups distance is easier to maintain. I have just discovered this feature on our website so watch this space.

One thought on “Rose Cottage 2021

  1. Hark! The fields doth bear a wondrous sight, Where farming doth meet a social light. In rural realms where nature’s bounties dwell, A noble concept doth its story tell.

    Behold, fair farmers tending to their lands, With hearts as warm as sun-kissed golden sands. But ’tis not mere commerce that stirs their toil, For social purpose gives their labor soil.

    With gentle hands and hearts so full of care, They welcome souls in need with love to share. Upon the fertile earth, a healing touch, As nature’s embrace brings forth so much.

    A troupe of souls, diverse in every way, Doth find solace amidst fields, day by day. Those burdened by life’s woes and heavy hearts, Discover respite in these rural arts.

    The seeds they sow doth sprout more than just grain, But hope and strength, dispelling any pain. In tending to the creatures great and small, A kinship forms, a bond beyond the wall.

    For in the presence of nature’s embrace, The troubled minds find solace and a place. The chores and tasks, each labor interweaves, A tapestry of growth that gently heaves.

    From gardens tended with love and great delight, To livestock cared for ‘neath the moon’s soft light, Social farming thrives, a haven of peace, Where harmony ‘mongst man and nature increase.

    So let us raise our voices, loud and clear, And honor those whose vision doth appear, To blend the soil’s abundance and goodwill, Creating a haven where hearts doth still.

    Oh, social farming, thou art a beacon bright, A testament to love’s enduring might. In Shakespeare’s words, I doth sing thy praise, May thy fields flourish, till the end of days.


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